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Only VIP for my VIP baby. Thank you for the happiest doga and best care

Prince's Mom, NYC

"My dogs go with me everywhere! Finding out Selina hotel partnered with Pet Valet in New York City put a smile on my face. Knowing that my dogs would be walked and played with while I'm running around the city makes traveling that much easier."

Jennessy E.
Bonny's Mom, NYC

Pet Valet will show your pups a good time if you can't bring them with you. Posey had a blast palling around while my friend and I had the most exquisite brunch in Chelsea!

Posey's Mom, NYC

We had an amazing time at the puppy brunch in Howm! Daisy had some ice cream and relaxing walks with Pet Valet while I was having a great time my friends

Daisy's Mom, NYC

I give you 5 stars! Playtime for Rosario and Spike in the hotel room, plus potty breaks. I couldn't ask for more. We will be in touch in the future.

Posey's Mom, NYC